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Sky cedar
Talking about the cedar growing on the mountainous land of Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh, the rainy rivers would be found on the paved roads, it was very attractive to see the local people.

.The cedar trees growing neatly on the mountainous land of Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh, speak from the sky, it feels quite good by looking at the crooked and rainy rivers here. Dalhousie Dhauladhar mountain range, located at an altitude of 5500 feet above sea level, is a very beautiful place. In the British era, this used to be his favorite hill staiton. Even now the old churches and roads remind us of that time, the water of the waterfall of Subhash Baoli was very beneficial in the disease of Subhash Chandra Bose.  . Switzerland of indiaThe way to Khajjiyar from Panchpula was very beautiful and passing through the narrow road of panoramic valleys gives a different joy.


There is such a line of dense forests between the high and low paths of the Khajjiar that even the sunlight does n…

Manali - Where the heart becomes a kite

Where the mind becomes kite

Manali, the hill town of Himachal Pradesh, has always been considered as a tourist destination of winter, but this city looks equally beautiful in summer.

We caught a bus from Delhi's kasmeri gate to Manali and after traveling for 12 = 13 hours we reached Manali. Seeing the view and the weather there, all our tiredness went away. We took a hotel and had fun seeing the Beas river and the beautiful mountains behind the hotel.

Hidimba Temple
First of all we went to Hidamba temple. This wooden temple was very old, it was built in about 1552 AD. This temple is the temple of Hidimba, Bhima's wife.

Hot water tank
There is a hot water pool a little away from here, the water of this pool remains naturally hot, you can relieve fatigue by taking a bath in this pool.
There is also a nearby Nehru Kund in which the waterfall of cold water falls, it looks very beautiful. and There is a market here, which is known as New Manali, in this market, you find many things made o…

Looking for some place where there is peace, even greenery, then Sarahan can be a very good place for you, located on the border of Shimla and Kinnaur district.

Sarahan- The place of greenery and peace 

Looking for a place away from this crowd, where there is also greenery along with comfort, you will like the appreciation of Himachal Pradesh. It is a beautiful place situated on the banks of the Sutlej River, situated at a distance of 190 km from Shimla.
Which is surrounded by hills, the way to go to Sarahan via Fagu, Theog, Rampura and Giori is very beautiful.

you will like the appreciation of Himachal Pradesh. It is a beautiful place situated on the banks of the Sutlej River, situated at a distance of 190 km from Shimla.
Which is surrounded by hills, the way to go to Sarahan via  Fagu, Theog, Rampura and Giori is very beautiful.

Bhima Kali Temple is the heart of Sarahan
Sarahan is one of the oldest places in Himachal Pradesh, this beautiful place is known not only for its natural beauty but also for many ancient temples, among them one of the Bhimkali temples which is 2000 years old, this temple is so beautiful that your The mind will not go from…

City of beautiful plains and greenery BINSAR

Himalayan snow peaks Binsar  The most important gift of Binsar is the Himalayan peaks, the view of about 210 kilometers long range of snow-capped peaks is very beautiful.

The height of Binsar city is about 2000 meters from the sea level, so the weather remains cold.
  As the sunrise and sunlight began to fall on the peaks of the mountains, a wonderful sight began to appear. Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, Mrigathan, Panchachuli was in front of the eyes, I could not believe that I could see the whole of the Himalayas together. I am getting

 Amazing view of sunset

* At some distance from the hotel, there is a guest house of the forest department, from where the spectacular view of the sunset is seen, there is a lot of people who live there, many tourists go back through the day and the sunset was amazing and the guest house was also amazing.

When it got dark, there were flickering lights of the villages and the city felt like all the stars had come to the ground

Beautiful view from the watchtower
About …

When to go to Pokhra and how to reached

 September to November is the best time to visit in pokhra  

Air travel is available from India to Kathmandu  the capital of Nepal. reaching Kathmandu from there to reach pokhra by Bas and taxi .

you can also go by plane from Kathmandu to pokhra but is better to go by taxi or bus you should enjoy the way while traveling to the mountains when you lose a lot of air travel 

Nepal and Pokhra, a country of mountain valleys

pokhra is the main city of Nepal with the amazing view of the Himalaya see the phewa lake and see the confluence of nature and culture